Slime mould
walking in
the city
There is a dissonance between the way we think and the way both humans and nature exist, if there is a separation between the two to begin with. Our thinking habits make draw lines in a world made out entangled systems in which there is no such thing as something separate form something else.This project uses a collaboration between humans and non humans to challenge how detached we are from our surrounding we are intertwined with.  

I suggest walking and navigate through the city of Lancaster is a complex system in itself. In the installation, the screen displays the route of a 30km walk I did through the city of Lancaster to better understand the system. However, I am part of the system. And there is a limit to the consciousness you can achieve from inside a system. The system emerges out of the relationship of the individual parts that are constantly changing at different levels simultaneously. So, the parts are blind. When we walk, we are writing the system without being able to read it. To overcome this blindness I am using the lens of slime mould.

Slime Mould (Physarum polysephalum) is an ameba formed by a swarm of unicellular organisms that grow in emerging networks connecting food sources. Its fascinating growth patterns is mirror to networks of other emerging systems like cities and neurones. With the Bio Art practice in my lab-studio space I expeimented to create a conversation between my walk data and the slime mould's work patterns. Influenced by the cybernetics thinking of Gregory Bateson, my research resulted in an installation that layered the human and the non-human experience of the city of Lancaster.

I built an acrylic replica of the streets of Lancaster and I fluded the miniture streets with agar so that it could inhabited by slime mould. The ameba filled the streets of Lancaster with its intricate network following food sources I had placed according to data recorded during my walk. The living artwork was displayed in an installation where it was suspended on top of a moving animation of my walk. The result is a conversation between human and non human systems dacing through the streets of the city.
Video work and sound piece made with recordings of Gregory Bateson's lectures, a philosopher whose writing about cybernetics, interdisciplinarity and ecology influenced my work.